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Our Mammoth Range of Ice for Drinks

For your next event let us take care of all of your ice needs with a range of ice for your drinks. Whether you are serving high end expensive spirits or if you need cubed ice for your mixed drinks, we have a suitable ice suitable for your event!

Clear Cubed Ice

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to deliver Hoshizaki ice to your events for when standard bagged ice won't cut it in your drinks! Our Hoshizaki ice machine creates 25mm x 25mm x 23mm clear and hard ice cubes which present well in high end spirits and cocktails and which have a slower melt rate than regular bagged ice due to its hardness and clarity. We are now delivering 25 kilo boxes of these ice cubes so why not order a box for your next event to impress your guests!

Ice Chipping Blocks

If you're looking for even larger ice pieces and which can add a touch of theatre to your event, we have chipping blocks which your bartenders can chip from during your event. Our chipping blocks can also be custom designed to include your logo or event message and come in a variety of sizes. If you don't have the time to chip the blocks during the event, we also sell pre-chipped boxes of ice which can be delivered direct to your event.

Ice Spheres

And for the ultimate whiskey serve why not try our ice spheres! Our ice spheres are 70mm and can last for several drinks. Because of their large surface area, these spheres melt slowly without diluting high end whiskey.

If you're unsure of which ice would be best for your event, call us today on 02 8283 0517 or drop us a line at to discuss the options!

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