Seasons Greetings - Project Meltdown

In December 2014 we were called upon by JWT to create a sculpture for their Project Meltdown. The sculpture was to be set up on their outdoor deck in the middle of the Australian summer and clients and suppliers were asked to guess when they believed the sculpture would be completely melted. The person with the closest guess was then able to nominate a charity of their choice who JWT would then make a charitable Christmas donation to.

A live webcam feed was set up so that participants could watch the sculpture melt and they were also given current temperature readings as well. The sculpture was completely set up by 9am and lasted through rain, sun and storms until the following morning at 5.35am when the last piece of ice completely melted.

The sculpture was a huge 4.5m long x 1.3m high and weighed a whopping 900 kilos!

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