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Q - What is the first step in ordering an ice sculpture?


You can call us on 0477 423 443 or email us at to discuss what ideas you have for your event. If you email us or fill out the enquiry form on our website, please let us know the date of your event, where it will be held and what tme it is scheduled to start and finish. Also let us know what type of sculpture you have in mind and we will then be able to get back to you with some design options and a quote.


Q - What can we create?


We can create just about anything! We work with our clients to create sculptures that meet your expectations and requirements. All of our sculptures are custom designed and not made from moulds, meaning that you get a personalised piece to suit your needs!


Our smallest sculptures are our table centrepieces which are perfect for weddings or corporate events and are a unique way to impress your guests at formal sit down functions. We can create logos, luges, vases, ice bars and buffet pieces for all occasions.


Our customised ice CNC machine means that you can send us a logo, graphic or font and we can use the machine to cut the image into the ice. We then fill the cutout area with snow or colour and refreeze it so that the image is white or coloured in the crystal clear ice. This ensures an exact replica of your image every time.


Q - What is the largest size sculpture you can create?


We can pretty much create whatever size you would like. All of our sculptures are made from our blocks of ice which are 1000mm x 500mm x 220mm in size and we can join as many of these together to create your desired size sculpture. We have made sculptures that have used up to 30 of these blocks at a time, weighing in at a whopping 3 tonnes. These large scale pieces are perfect for experiental promotions and events and we can replicate these sculptures for use in various states. 


Q - Do you deliver?


As our factory is based in Wollongong, NSW we can deliver anywhere in NSW and we also deliver to SA, VIC & QLD for larger events.  We deliver and install all of the sculptures on your event date and we like to deliver 1 hour prior to the start of the event to ensure we have plenty of time to set up the sculpture and have it looking its best when the guests arrive. We then come back at the end of the event or the next day to remove the remaining ice and to collect the drip tray.


Our sculptures are transported in insultated roadcases which keep them frozen in transport and protect them from damage. All of our roadcases are designed to fit through standard building code width doors and lifts and larger pieces are assembled onsite. For longer distance deliveries we can use dry ice in the road cases to keep them frozen for hours.


Q - Is there any mess as they melt?


All of our sculptures come with free drip tray hire but if they are damaged during the event the client will be liable to pay for any replacement costs. We have a wide range of drip tray sizes and styles which we can discuss with you once you have chosen your design.


Q - What accessories do you have to enhance the display of my sculpture?


Aside from our drip trays we also have LED lighting units available for hire with all of our sculptures. The LEDs put out zero heat so they won't melt your sculpture and they are battery operated and do not require access to power.


If your venue doesn't have a suitable table for your sculpture to sit on (they are pretty heavy so a bar table won't work!) we have black plinths available for hire in a range of sizes. We also have plinths on wheels so that your sculpture can be moved during your event.


Q - What is a luge


A luge is a sculpture that you can pour alcoholic drinks through. We insert one or two tubes through the sculpture with a funnel at the top. You pour the drink in the top and it willl come out the sides of the sculptures and guests can collect the drink into a glass or take the shot through the straw. Not all venues allow luges so check with them on any restrictions they may have. Drinks must contain alcohol so that the liquid does not freeze inside the sculpture and it is best to chill your drinks prior to use so that they don't melt the sculpture.



For more information on any of our products or services, call us on 0477 423 443 or email us on We look forward to discussing the options for your next event, promotion or activation!

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