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Case Studies


Chet Faker - Film Clip


For Chet Faker’s film clip, Talk Is Cheap, we worked with Toby & Pete to create a stop motion clip showing Faker in various seasons/states. As we weren’t able to actually freeze his head in ice (obviously!), 3D prints of the singers face were frozen in ice & then filmed melting over several hours. We think the results of the clip are impressive!


Check out the results here -



Disney's Frozen DVD Launch

Disney's worldwide hit, Frozen was released for home entertainment on the 30th April 2014 and to promote its release we were called up by Mango Australia to create an ice set for the Morning Show on Channel 7.

We created two large ice thrones for the presenters, Kylie & Larry to sit on during the 80 minute segment, along with an ice coffee table which included ice blocks to hold the DVDs. It took us 3 days to create all of the pieces!




For the launch of the new TV series Fargo based on the Coen brothers film of the same name, we were given a brief to create blood red ice letters spelling out the name of the show. The letters were to be 1000mm high x 500mm wide. To make coloured ice without it turning white and the colour being pushed out during the freezing process was an issue our staff had to overcome. After several test blocks our staff nailed it creating vibrant red ice letters that reflected the crime nature of the show. The effect of the ice letters melting onto the white snow at the base looked like a blood bath. Mission accomplished!

The sculpture was set up outside Customs House in Sydney on a Monday morning for commuters to see.


Vanish Napisan TV Commercial


In 2014 we were called on to make one of our biggest challenges to date for a television commercial for leading washing brand, Napisan. The brief was to make not one but two, ice washing machines with moving agitators for the commercial. We also created an ice wash basin which was used in the ad to show the effects of Napisan in cold water. 


The washing machines were not full size yet still held up well with the studio lights over the days shoot.


Images of the sculptures were also used in their print campagin.

Samsung Mobile Installations

We worked with Jack Morton and Samsung Mobile on creating large scale ice installations for the launch of their touch phones. The first sculpture created in 2009 at Parrarmatta Westifeld was a massive 2m x 2m x 1.5m sculpture which weighed a whopping 2 tonnes. The sculpture featured dummy versions of the phones which were frozen into the ice blocks. The public were able to attempt to melt out the phones giving them a chance to win a real version of the phone. The sculpture was on display from Thursday until the Sunday evening.

Due to the success of this sculpture we were commissioned to create 10 smaller versions which went into 5 shopping centres in NSW and VIC. The sculptures lasted from Friday to Sunday and again drew large crowds to the display where staff were on hand to provide people with further information and demonstrations of the new phones. We not only created the ice sculptures but also the large plinths they sat on as well as the application of decals and transport of the sculptures. We were also on hand to monitor the sculptures.

The Boost Mobile Surf Sho presented by Samsung Mobile presented another chance to create an interactive sculpture to engage the huge crowds which descended on Bondi Beach. For this we were up against the elements as the sculpture was to be placed on the sand. Using a large fork lift which could traverse the sand, 2 tonnes of ice were delivered to a staging area where we erected the sculpture. The sculpture remained on the beach from Friday to Sunday.

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